Sensible Fashion, Delivered

Aristobrat came to us with an idea, handful of fabric swatches & a vision to create the largest lifestyle brand that focused on building a thoughtful wardrobe. We were entrusted right from making the first sale.

Understanding the Market

Having discussed the ambitions with Aristobrat team, we analysed what happened to the traffic when it arrived at the site, what brought people to the site, and the reason users were buying from the site. Once we broke down the data, we identified the three key reasons why consumers were buying from the company. As a daily wear, low-cost apparel to match with other luxury fashion wear, and for a minimal wardrobe lifestyle.


Our creatives and campaigns for the brand have been very varied in nature. We have made sure that creativity is the real driving force behind their campaigns.

1. Advert's that generate high CTR

We created content that focused on high Click-though-rates & then leave conversions to the website. Through testing we discovered that Product-only images, images with less text, candid shots drove 2x times higher CTR.

2. Targeting Relevant Audience

By leverage the lookalike feature of Facebook optimised with lifetime value (LTV) of customers we were able to increase return on Ad Spend from 3.5 to 7x.

3. Re-targeting Visitors

The visitors were displayed ads that included an incentive to convert into first-time buyers.










Things we also do that helps us achieve the numbers.

Shopify e-Commerce

For us, a good looking store is as good as the numbers it can drive. We’re talking about lower bounce rates, more add to carts & even more conversions. So the design objective was to deliver information provide relevant information, faster to the user.

Neat, intuitive shopping experience

Shopping experience leads customers through their ideal shopping journey — from inspiration, to discovery, to purchase.

Stunning Mobile Experience

The mobile application is characterised with easy navigation & clutter-free experience.

Micro Content

The main campaigns are always rounded off with daily micro-content utilising the brand’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. These served the purpose of keeping Aristobrat at the forefront of our target audience’s mind.

Stellar Photography

We realise that for an online store visual appeal is everything. If people are buying online that only active sense is the vision which makes it customary to have images that provide near-touch & feel experience.


Aristobrat website outperformed the usability of its competitors. A streamlined, more efficient path to purchase.

  • Achieved a more than industry average conversion of 2.35%
  • A record avg. bounce rate of 3.10% compared to industry avg. 45%
  • Avg. time on website of 2m 20sec
  • Customer retention rate of 35%



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