The Problem.

In a crowded mobile accessories market how can Vodafone (and OEM partners) add differentiated value?

This was the question from Vodafone to Anakin in November 2013 during our Innovation Strategy Workshop. Our team explored a variety of options before landing on a core problem to solve: auto-detection of device to display  compatible accessories.

The Anakin-Vodafone team decided to create an app for Android & iOS platforms that would automatically detect the user’s device & display compatible accessories. In March 2014, Vodafone launched ODAS – device accessory shop that makes it simple for anyone to buy mobile accessories for their device.

Maintaining high standards.

Specific requirements & the key features

  1. Hybrid App
  2. Simple & Intuitive experience
  3. Digital assets must adhere to Vodafone design guidelines
  4. Seamless integration with Payment Gateway
  5. Pre-installed on Vodafone contracted devices
  6. Multi-lingual & Multi-country capable

2 Levels of easy shopping.

Quick Shopping

For users who want to buy accessories for their own device

a) The Brand & Model are auto-selected based on the device which is currently in used to access the application.

b) The list of products displayed are compatible with the device in use.

Custom Shopping

For users who want to buy accessories for other devices

a) The Brand & Model are selected based on the user preferences.

b) The list of products displayed displayed are according to filters applied by the user

Design & Engineering notes.

Design Requirement: Due to targeting a global consumer audience, we had to ensure the design was easy to understand on any device.

Design Challenge: All apps and graphic elements had to fit Vodafone’s comprehensive brand guidelines.

Engineering Solution: Building a custom piece for the application to auto-detect the device (brand + model) & display compatible accessories.

Catalog Management Challenge: Building a standardised digital format to streamline cataloging process.



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Case Study

‘’From the concept creation workshop, through design and development of ODAS, to supporting our marketing efforts, Anakin has gone above and beyond to deliver excellence. The easiest move we made with this project was hiring the talented Anakin team.’’

– Vinay Chandran, Head of New Businesses